Energility Geoconsulting

Energility believes the subsurface will play a large role in a sustainable future energy system to combat climate change.

Energility is driven to make subsurface energy-transition solutions, such as Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), geothermal energy or underground energy storage, successful for investors, energy companies, project developers and engineering consultancies. 

Geological risks and uncertainties are easily underestimated, in particular in emerging industries with new players. This often leads to extra costs, disappointing results or even unsafe drilling.

The rapidly changing external circumstances, typical in a transition period and project complexity often results erosion of value and stakeholder support.

This requires integrative and resilient leadership as well as projects that are optimised to the full spectrum of subsurface uncertainties, risks and opportunities.

Energility provides the advice, training and innovative solutions to enable energy transition projects to realise their full potential.