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'Geological observations to predict CO2 behaviour in CCS projects' Webinar

We had a great turn out of 463 attendees for this webinar. We were able to use virtual field trips in ‘Stratbox’, to show how geological observations can be used to predict CO2 behaviour at CO2 storage sites. We compared the observations of analogue outcrop of the Bookcliffs in Utah and core from the North Sea, with real subsurface observations and CO2 monitoring data of the Sleipner CCS project in Norway and discuss how the geology impacts CO2 behaviour in the subsurface. This is just one example of the insights of 'The Geoscience of Carbon Capture and Storage' virtual instructor-led course that Dr Tip Meckel and Dr Jurriaan Reijs will teach in September 27-29th. The webinar concluded with highlighting the breadth and depth of content this unique CCS course offers. Check out the webinar recording or sign out for the course her or here.


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