Energility Geoconsulting provides advice, training and innovative solutions for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS), geothermal energy or underground energy storage projects.

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Types of services

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Subsurface management Geological advice for all aspects of geothermal exploration and business development.

Assurance: Independent technical and value review and assurance of subsurface geothermal risk and opportunities to safeguard quality of investment (due diligence) and safety of operations (operational readiness).

Seismicity Risk Analysis Level 1 Quick Scan Seismic Hazard Risk Analysis for geothermal projects.

Well planning Together with well engineer design and optimise well plans and supervising execution.

CCS management and advice

Projects: Advice to organise CCS projects effectively with integrative leadership and agility.

Operations: Coordination of the subsurface operational aspects of drilling activities for well campaigns.

Business Development Developing new business by integration the surface demand with subsurface opportunity

Carbon storage training

Scheduled courses: 'The Geoscience of CCS Using Virtual 3D Outcrop Analogues and Virtual Core' course is designed to equip geoscientists or petroleum engineers with a good understanding of the geoscience of carbon storage including its value drivers, the evaluation practices, key differences with oil and gas exploration and production and lessons learnt from industry experience.

Tailored course: Energility can provide CCS training tailored to your needs. For example we can provide a short high-level 'CEO version' or a non-geoscientist versions of CCS geology training.

Webinar & seminars: Energility can provide CCS webinar or seminars on the geological observations that can predict CO2 behaviour in CCS projects.

Next Events:

  • 7th - 9th November 2023: 'The Geoscience of CCS Using Virtual 3D Outcrop Analogues and Virtual Core' Virtual Instructor-led Course – 3 half-day sessions (08:00-12:00 (CDT / Houston), 14:00-18:00 (BST / London), 15:00-19:00 (CET / The Hague)). More information.